Kerala Thanneer Pandals to Offer Butter Milk, ORS in Summer

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The Kerala government on Saturday announced a number of preparations, including installing water kiosks in local bodies and main commercial streets in anticipation of a heat wave and possible sunstroke, as numerous regions of the state are already experiencing extreme heat. Cold water, buttermilk, and oral rehydration solution (ORS) would be stored at these water kiosks, known as "thanneer pandals" in local language, as per the state government.  In a meeting of the State Disaster Management Authority, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan directed that the water kiosks remain open till May 2023. He stated that district-wise notification of the site of such 'thanneer pandals' and public buildings should be sent to the general public, and that the space granted by noble people might be used for the same.

According to the CMO, village panchayats, municipalities, and corporations would each receive Rs 2 lakh, 3 lakh, and 5 lakh from the Disaster Response Fund in this regard. The push, which would begin within a week, would make use of the services of volunteer organisations and civil defence troops. After an increase in fire breaks, Fire and Rescue officials have been asked to undertake a 'fire audit' of hot spot regions, waste treatment facilities, government offices, hospitals, and so on, with Rs 10 crore sanctioned to purchase essential equipment and chemicals.

As per the CMO, festivals will be held in line with the State Disaster Management Authority's safety criteria requirements.

Meanwhile, state DGP Anil Kant directed that police officers working in public locations and on traffic duty be provided with drinking water to avoid dehydration. Officers on patrol and beat duty should notify the appropriate authorities of any fire-prone sites in their area.

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