Karnataka HC Asks Bengaluru Police to Return Vehicles Seized For Lockdown Violation

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The Karnataka police were allowed to release the vehicles seized for violating lockdown rules by the High Court on Tuesday. Because parking and transporting a large number of vehicles, (more than 1.5 lakh), to the courts will be difficult, the court has decided that the vehicles can be returned to their owners once the fine has been paid.

During the national lockdown in April 2020, a special division bench comprising Chief Justice Ashoka and Justice Aravind Kumar issued an order. An application was filed by the Additional Advocate General seeking the same relief in the case of vehicles seized during the current lockdown. The order, which was issued on April 30, 2020, allowed the police to return over 38,000 vehicles seized within the BBMP's boundaries during the first wave.

During the second wave lockdown, more than 1.37 lakh two-wheelers, 7,432 four-wheelers, and 7,122 other vehicles were seized across the state, according to the application and an affidavit from the police. The court issued a similar order with a few changes, such as extending the same procedure across the state. It was noted that parking these vehicles would be difficult for the police and that if the owners filed separate applications, the courts would be overburdened.

The bench said, "We also make it clear... for similar breaches as set out in the order dated April 30, 2020, the custody of the vehicles can be handed over to the owners in the same circumstances."

Vehicle owners must submit an application to the police, and the vehicles will be released after ownership verification. Owners of two-wheelers must pay a fine of Rs 500, four-wheelers must pay a fine of Rs 1,000, and goods vehicles other than four-wheelers must pay a fine of Rs 2,000.

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