Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4: Ariyana A Fighter In The Show?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is slowly grabbing the attention of all and sundry. All the contestants in the show are putting their best and are trying to win the hearts of the BB lovers. Recently, Bigg Boss has assigned a task, 'Ukku Hridayam' in which two teams, Robots and Humans played. In yesterday's episode, the 'Robots' team emerged victorious. For those who don't know, let us tell you about the task. The contestants in the house are divided into two teams- Robots and Humans. In the task, team Robots has to protect a silver ball from Humans who can kill them by hitting the ball. Humans have to provide charging for Robots while the latter have access to food, water, and washrooms.

In the game, Ariyana who was in the Robots team played well. Abhijeet from the Robots team hijacked Divi and recharged their batteries. This led to a heated argument between the teams. After team Robots recharged their batteries, Divi was let out. Ariyana also tried to gain a charge from Amma Rajasekhar but her plan didn't work. In yesterday's episode, the four members from the Robots team, Avinash, Gangavva, Abhijeet, and Harika have been nominated as the best performers and they are in captaincy task. Some of the users are commenting that more than Harika, Ariyana deserves to be in the captaincy task. Ariyana is being discouraged and degraded by all. Here are some of the reactions from Twitterati.

In the second week, Karate Kalyani who received fewer votes from the audience got eliminated from the show. In the third week, a total of seven contestants have been nominated. The list includes Devi Nagavalli, Ariyana Glory, Lasya, Mehboob, Monal Gajjjar, and Harika. According to the reports, either Mehboob or Monal will be eliminated from the house. Devi, Monal, Mehboob are having less votes. Some of the netizens are even expecting that there will double elimination in the show. Swati Deekshit is going to enter the house as a wild card contestant. Let us wait and see who is going to be eliminated from the house. 

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