Tamil Nadu: Chided By Parents To Study 9-Year-old Girl Dies by Suicide

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Thiruvallur: In a shocking incident a nine- year old school girl in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu died by suicide on Tuesday after her parents chided for playing too much and asked her to focus on her studies. The incident came to light recently.

Pratiksha who was called an insta-queen in her neighbourhood created over 70 reels in a short span of time. On Tuesday when she was playing with her friends late in the night, her parents scolded her and told her to go home and study.

They gave her the keys to the house and went to buy groceries. When they came back home, she did not open the door. Worried, her father broke the door and was shocked to see the girl hanging from a window grill.

The parents immediately took her to the hospital she was declared dead. Tiruvallur Town police have filed a case and an investigation is underway. (With inputs from TOI)

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