YSRCP Raises Questions on Macherla Incident

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The YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) is deeply concerned about how the Election Commission of India (ECI) has handled the Macherla incident involving Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy. The hasty actions taken by the ECI without proper verification have raised several questions that demand answers.

1. If the Palvai gate video is from the official webcasting source (which is the EC’s exclusive property), how did it get leaked and why did the EC move so hastily without checking the authenticity of the video?

The ECI took action against its MLA based on this leaked video without first verifying its authenticity. This goes against the principles of fair and impartial conduct expected from the electoral body.

2. While it’s an acknowledged fact by the commission that a total of 7 instances of EVM damages occurred in the Macherla constituency, what is holding the EC back from releasing all of them, in full length, so that the culprits are exposed and appropriate action is taken.

In light of all of the above, the YSRCP strongly urges the EC to consider all instances of electoral indiscipline in a fair and nonpartisan manner and initiate appropriate action so that the role of the commission as an impartial umpire is upheld.

Shockingly, the ECI has remained silent on these instances of electoral malpractice. Its actions in the Macherla incident have raised serious doubts about its impartiality and commitment to free and fair elections.

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