Why Was Ram Madhav Removed?

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The biggest shock in the BJP’s organisational rejig announced on Saturday is the omission of Ram Madhav from the list. While many felt that Muralidhara Rao’s omission was expected as he did not deliver much to the party, many felt that Ram Madhav, who had played a key role in North East and Jammu and Kashmir, would be suitably rewarded.

But sources say that his relations with the BJP’s big duo of Amit Shah and Modi have soured of late. Ram Madhav is out of the party’s core decision making team and has not been invited for any key meet. Even on removing the Article 370 and 35 A and the formation of two Union Territories, he was kept in the dark. Similarly, even in Assam, the party leaders are being directly dealt with by the national president. Ram Madhav has not visited North East in a long time.

Ram Madhav has not met Modi and shah in a long time. For over a year, he has been keeping a low profile. Sources in the know were predicting that Ram Madhav would be removed from the national team. However, his supporters are saying that Ram Madhav would be made a Rajya Sabha member and would soon be made a minister. The party would be compelled to use Ram Madhav’s abilities and skills, they argue. For now, Ram Madhav is in the sidelines.

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