Why Did Chintakayala Vijay Run Away From CID If No Crime Was Committed: Jogi Ramesh

Why Did Chintakayala Vijay Run Away From CID: Jogi Ramesh - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Addressing a  press conference on Sunday, Minister for Housing Jogi Ramesh took the TDP and its friendly media to task for defending Chintakayala Vijay who posted obscene comments against women on ITDP website.

“Why did he run away escaping the eyes of the CID police officials if he did not indulge in any crime?  The police went to serve notices on him. What is wrong in it?”  he questioned then. 

Ayyannapatrudu and  Chandrababu Naidu have lost lost faith in their sons. That's why they don't know what to say. If Jagan gives 50% reservation to women and takes them forward, you are behaving in this derogatory manner. Shouldn't the police arrest such people? If you support them, they will also post about your family members tomorrow. Our leader taught us culture and responsibility, he said.

Calling the TDP-friendly print and electronic media anarchic, the Minister warned that their instigating actions would one day boomerang on them. “How long will you continue to abet anarchy? You people have families and women. If you don’t stop encouraging these anti-socials, it will one day boomerang on you,” he warned.

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