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Love takes a variety of forms, which is why romantic dramas/relationship stories can be varied. This week's release 'Lots Of Love' is an anthology that captures five different sorts of love stories. Check out the review to know more about the film:

Plot 1: Dr. Manohar (Vishwanand Pattar) is a kind and caring person. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the good-natured doctor wishes to reach out to the needy in terms of healthcare facilities in his limited capacity. While doing charity, Manohar gets mired in a huge debt. How does he now clear his debts? What happens when Manohar meets his lady love Saritha (Aadhya Aradhan), a school teacher? Will they be able to marry or not?

Plot 2: Rakesh, a college student, falls in love with Divya by helping her in some way. Unfortunately, their parents don't accept their love. What's the reason for their stubborn refusal? How do the two lovebirds try to overcome the hurdles? That's what this segment is about. 

Plot 3: Rajesh, an orphan, gets into the IT sector by studying hard. Rajini (Bhavan) is the reason for his motivation and success. Rajesh decides to marry her, but the latter's family doesn't agree with their decision, as he is an orphan. What odds the couple face is what the rest of the story is about.

Plot 4: Swamji (Kiran) works for an NGO and wants to help the people who are in need. But not everything goes fine for him. 

Plot 5: Zamindar Yadagiri (Tenali Panthulu) is a filthy rich and arrogant person, who is never kind towards others. His son goes on the wrong path. This is when life could hold some harsh lessons for the Zamindar. 

Performances: Director Pattar does a commendable job in the doctor's character in the first story. Aadhay Aradhan pulls off her character effortlessly and looks good on the screen. Rajesh Datti, Divya Chalamalashetti and other cast members prove to be good picks. 

Thumbs Up:

A few stories
Musical narration

Thumbs Down:

Weak narration
Emotions don't always strike the right chord

Verdict: The five stories of this film deliver a multitude of themes. Depending on your sensibilities, you will like some of the stories.

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