What Made Chandrababu Naidu Angry After Walking Out of Jail?

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Chandrababu Naidu, who walked out of Rajahmundry central prison on Tuesday, learnt to have expressed displeasure with the senior party leaders for ignoring the party affairs and confining themselves to their homes. The Opposition leader paid no attention to the party leaders who had come to receive him after his release from the jail. 

Naidu scolded the party’s higher rung of leaders for showing no interest in running the party affairs while he was jailed for 53 days in connection with the multi-crore Skill Development Scam case. He reminded them of their responsibilities when the party is not in power. 

The TDP founded by later NT Rama Rao is known for its discipline and it’s rank and file is the strength for any party. When the party chief was sent to judicial remand in a corruption case, the senior leaders' lack of interest in taking the party forward appeared to have disturbed Naidu. It is said the entire rank and file ignored TDP in the absence of party chief. 

Chandrababu Naidu had claimed that if he is arrested protests would break out in the two Telugu states. However, nothing of sorts happened. Neither his own party leaders nor the people of the state took to the streets to protest Naidu’s arrest and put pressure on the administration for his release from the jail. 

As per reports, Naidu censured the senior party leaders Yanamala Rama Krishnudu and Payyavula Keshav when they went to meet him in jail. He demanded them to organise protests for his release, however, this did not bring any change in the attitude of the TDP leaders. This lack of motivation among the party workers appeared to have caused distress to Naidu a lot. 

With no bail in sight, no sympathy wave for the party chief and highly disappointed rank and file, the family of Naidu played the health card. The legal team of TDP managed to convince the court saying Naidu needs cataract surgery and prayed for his release as the operation was not possible in the prison. After hearing the arguments, the court granted a four-weeks conditional bail to the TDP chief on health grounds. Naidu is legally bound to return to prison as his bail period will expire at 5 pm on November 28, 2023, Tuesday.

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