Vizag: Fishermen Chase Each Other In Boats During Fight Over Ring Net Usage

Vizag: Fishermen fight in sea over ring net usage - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: The issue over the use of ‘ring net’ triggered a fight among two groups of fishermen at Peda Jalaripeta in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday. It is not the first time that the fisherman clash over this issue of using the ring net, which is actually banned. The fisherfolk have been opposing the use of ring nets which they claim leaves them with no catch.

Two groups of fisherman from the fishing village got into a fight over this and physically attacked each other on the shores. Not stopping there they got into their mechanized boats and started chasing each other in the waters, like in the movies. They attacked each other and several fishermen had also fallen in the sea waters. Some of them set fire to a boat in the sea during the incident.

As tension prevailed at Gangamma Gudi, the police were called to sort out the matter. The fishermen also entered into an argument with the policemen and the womenfolk were seen arguing with the police force and resisting attempts to placate them.The Police had to issue warnings to the warring fishermen over the issue which comes to the fore during the hunting season.

Fishermen using traditional and ring nets often get into fights with each other. Even though a solution was suggested by Fisheries Minister S Appalaraju the disputes continue.

Fishermen use a wide variety of nets for fishing including the Ring Net, Table Net, etc. Fishermen who usually hunt for big fish use mechanized boats and the ring net. The traditional fishermen who go on small boats and rafts closer to the shore are deprived of the small catch because of the Ring net which catches fish of all sizes. With this, the traditional fishermen are unable to find fish in the area and tend to lose out in the catch which is the bone of contention between these two groups.

Though the government has restricted the use of the ring net eight kilometres away from the shore some of the fishermen still use it. Not only does it affect the livelihood of smaller fishermen it also kills several species of fish and their extinction.

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