Vizag to be a Brand for Defence Sector Soon

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Visakhapatnam: Vizag is potential as a Naval Ecosystem Discussed by DRDO's Director General of Naval Systems and Materials.

Dr.Y. Srinivasa Rao, following his participation in the 54th Lab Raising Day celebrations, highlighted the abundant opportunities in Visakhapatnam for nurturing a robust naval ecosystem that could establish itself as a prominent brand in the defence sector.

Envisioning the transformation of Visakhapatnam into a hub for naval defence, Dr. Rao emphasised that with further development, the city could become synonymous with essential human resources and advanced machinery, capable of swift responses during emergencies.

At the heart of this endeavour lies Vizag, which boasts significant resources and initiatives from both state and central governments. Many establishments include industrial parks, the Hindustan Shipyards, equipment relevant to port operations, the commercial navy sector, and overall industrial support to the Indian Navy.

Collaboration with companies like L&T not only enhances resources but also triggers growth in crucial areas such as the dockyard, NSTL (Naval Science and Technological Laboratory), and the Navy shipyard. This collective progress has the potential to elevate Visakhapatnam into a prominent brand for the defence sector.

The strategic advantage of well-connected ports, airports such as Bhogapuram International Airport and Rajahmundry Airport, as well as a well developed railway network, facilitates smoother developmental strides in Visakhapatnam's defence ecosystem.

A significant stride toward Visakhapatnam's independent manufacturing capability for submarines and torpedoes. The concerted efforts of various shipyards, with a strong focus on NSTL, are driving developments in indigenous design and manufacturing. Many experiments and advancements in stealth technology are also being developed, promising further growth.

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