TDP BC Worker Gives Nara Lokesh A Reality Check

NaraLokesh - Sakshi Post

TDP leader Nara Lokesh got a shock from his party workers during his padayatra on Saturday. Bhanumurthy, an activist, questioned Lokesh over the injustice done to the BCs during the TDP government. 

He said that BCs did not get to enjoy any welfare schemes during Chandrababu's regime. Lokesh was also told that the TDP's welfare schemes were for the upliftment of their own community.

Bhanumurthy said that the BCs suffered a lot due to lack of welfare schemes during the TDP regime. He bluntly told Lokesh that the situation of the party in Kuppam was not good at all. He explained that the party leaders were giving a false report on their plight. Bhanumurthy also went to tell Lokesh that he was not worried about the consequences, but the truth had to be told. 

When Bhanumurthy openly spoke about the injustice done to the BCs, the faces of the TDP leaders turned pale. Lokesh is said to have expressed his anger on Bhanumurthy who told the truth. He got angry and asked why the ground report was not good.

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