Setback for TDP In Tadipatri Municipality, High Court Rejects MLC Deepak Reddy's Petition

Setback for TDP In Tadipatri Municipality, High Court Rejects MLC Deepak Reddy's Petition  - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has rejected Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLC G Deepak Reddy request to be allowed to exercise his right to vote as an ex-officio member in Thursday's Tadipatri municipality Chairman elections, in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh.

With the elections for the Mayors, Chairpersons posts currently underway in the State, the TDP in a frantic bid to retain at least the Tadipatri municipality filed a petition in the High Court challenging an order of the authorities rejecting MLC Deepak Reddy's application to be an ex-officio membership in Tadipatri municipality.

As per the advocate arguing on behalf of Tadipatri Municipality, stated that Section 5(2)(iv)(a) of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 provides that an MLC can be an ex-officio member of a municipal council where he is a registered voter on the date of filing of his nomination for becoming an MLC. 

As per the affidavit submitted by Deepak Reddy at the time of filing his nomination for MLC, he declared that he was enrolled as a voter in the Rayadurg municipality. 

As per reports in the year 2018, Deepak Reddy had attended two meetings of the Rayadurg municipality as its ex-officio member and had even signed in the attendance register.

Based on this the High Court rejected Deepak Reddy’s argument and dismissed his application. In its orders, the High Court said that at this stage it is not possible to issue an interim order as requested by Deepak Reddy.

The High Court clarified that Deepak Reddy was a voter in the Rayadurg Municipality of Hyderabad at the time of filing his nomination as MLC and as per the rules, he would become an ex-officio member of that municipality. Although Deepak Reddy changed his vote from Rayadurg to Tadipatri cannot make him an ex-officio member of Tadipatri municipality. Justice DVS Somayajulu on Wednesday issued orders to this effect.

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