Protests Erupt in Annamayya After TDP Denies Ticket to Ramesh Kumar Reddy

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Annamayya: Amid growing dissatisfaction within the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), protests erupted in the Rayachoti constituency of Annamayya district on Friday night after Ramesh Kumar Reddy was denied ticket by the party for the upcoming Assembly elections. The party’s decision to allocate the TDP ticket to Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy has sparked outrage among Ramesh Reddy's followers in the district. 

The current in-charge of the constituency, Ramesh Reddy, publicly chastised the party leadership for what he views as an unfair distribution of tickets for polls. His supporters vehemently expressed their dissatisfaction, announcing plans to collectively resign from their TDP positions in protest.\\

The protests intensified in Lakkireddipalli, where on Friday night at around ten o'clock, TDP banners and pamphlets were set on fire at crossroads. Chandrababu Naidu's posters bore the brunt of protestors' frustration as they were defaced and trampled upon, accompanied by chants denouncing the party leadership. Slogans such as "Chandrababu Down Down" and "Lokesh Down Down" reverberated through the streets.

According to reports, supporters of Dwarkanath Reddy, another former MLA, are also strongly against Ramprasad Reddy's ticket allocation, indicating that the dissatisfaction is not limited to Ramesh Reddy's camp alone.

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