No One Believes Sharmila’s Dramas: YSR’s Sister Vimala Reddy

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Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy's sister, Vimala, has strongly criticized her nieces, Sharmila and Sunita, the daughters of the YS family. Vimala is outraged that the two sisters are constantly accusing Avinash Reddy in the Viveka case without any evidence.

"It is painful to see the girls of our family speaking in this manner and bringing disrepute to the YS family," Vimala said in her address to the media on Saturday. She emphasized that even though she is part of the same family, she stands against the actions of Sharmila and Sunita.

Vimala questioned the sisters' motives, asking, "Did those two girls witness Avinash's murder of Viveka?" She argued that it is wrong to blindly believe the murderer and make accusations against Avinash, who is a well-respected leader in Kadapa.

"Avinash is a man of the people." He is doing a lot for Kadapa. He is working selflessly to develop Kadapa. Vivekananda Reddy worked until his last day to ensure Avinash's victory."She pointed out that Avinash is 10 years younger than Sharmila and has a family of his own, yet he is being unfairly targeted."

The YSR's sister also expressed her disappointment in Sharmila's leadership, asking, "Where is Sharmila's leadership quality?" All of Jagan's enemies have gathered around Sharmila."What you are doing is not right. Keep your mouth shut. It is not right to seek to overthrow the government of the poor. Avinash has not said a word against you." She accused the sisters of fighting to cancel Avinash's bail, while the real murderer was trying to get bail from the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, Vimala criticized Sharmila and Sunita for dragging Chief Minister Jagan into this. She believes the sisters are behaving this way due to personal biases against Jagan."All the family members are crying because of Sharmila and Sunita." They are behaving like this with a personal bias against Jagan. Unfortunately, CM Jagan is also being dragged into this, but after becoming CM, Jagan kept his family away from his government.

Vimala urged the people of Andhra Pradesh to support Chief Minister Jagan and Avinash Reddy, whom she believes are working selflessly for the development of Kadapa. She appealed to Sharmila and Sunita to reconsider their actions and sit down for a discussion, as their behaviour was not only dishonourable but also unjust to the people of the state.

"People have been happy in the last five years. They should decide what is good and bad for them. Vote for Avinash and Jagan to win; don't believe in Sharmila. All the candidates representing YSRCP must win.

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