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It is shocking that the TDP president Chandrababu Naidu's group has hijacked the entire webcasting process, which is crucial for conducting fair elections. The Election Commission (EC), which is supposed to uphold democratic values, has allegedly become a pawn in the hands of the opposition party. These webcasting videos meant to be securely handled by the EC, have reached TDP leaders. How did Nara Lokesh, who is abroad, release the edited versions of polling booths? The EC's lack of response to these questions has raised suspicions.

The TDP created a ruckus at the pollen booths out of frustration over not being able to win the elections. The opposition party is also planning to unleash similar chaos on the day of counting of votes on June 4. 

The EC's statement that they did not release the videos and that they may have leaked during the investigation is really shocking. It is surprising that Chandrababu's group has hijacked the webcasting process. Doesn't the EC have control over webcasting? Did the TDP deliberately make it available to private individuals belonging to their party?  

Out of the 46,389 polling booths in the state, the polling process was recorded through webcasting at 31,380 polling stations. The recording was made through webcasting inside and outside all polling stations in the 14 most sensitive constituencies, including Macherla, Gurajala, Pedakurapadu, and Vinukonda in Palnadu district, as well as Allagadda, Ongole, Tirupati, Chandragiri, Peeleru, Punganur, Palamaneru, Tamballapalli, Rayachoti, and Vijayawada Central.

Nara Lokesh posted a video recording of webcasting at the Palvai Gate polling station in Rentachintala on his X (formerly Twitter) account. How did the video get leaked? The leakage of webcasting information is making the EC's commitment for fair elections questionable. As per the rules, webcasting is completely under the EC's control. The district election officer, the collector, will have complete control over the videos recorded through webcasting. 

As per reports, services of the private agencies were used for webcasting recording. The private agency handed over the hard copy of the webcasting to the collector after the polling ended. In the guise of private agency employees, TDP activists barged into the command control center. 

Under the political pressure, the EC abruptly transferred police officers with a firm grip on the ground in Palnadu ahead of the elections. Notably, Guntur Range Inspector General Palaraju and Palnadu Superintendent of Police Ravishankar Reddy were transferred ahead of the polling, due to pressure from Chandrababu Naidu and Purandeswari. Following a list submitted by Purandeswari on Chandrababu's instructions, Sarvasreshtha Tripathi was appointed as the Inspector General of Guntur range, and Garikapati Bindu Madhav was made the Superintendent of Police.

With the instructions of IG Tripathi, CI Narayana Swamy is completely in the service of Chandrababu. A case of conspiracy was registered against Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy on Thursday night, despite a High Court order that no action should be taken against Pinnelli until June 6. It is notable that the Pinelli brothers have been named as the latest accused in a case registered 10 days ago in connection with a clash.

It is clear that there is a conspiracy behind the release of only a two-minute video clip edited from a total of 23 hours of recording at the Palvai Gate polling station in Palnadu district. Guntur Range IG Sarveshreshtha Tripathi, Palnadu SP Garikapati Bindu Madhav, and Palnadu Collector L Sivasankar, who was appointed by the EC under pressure from Chandrababu before the polling, are said to have played a part in this conspiracy.

According to experts, the webcasting recording from the Palnadu district command control was copied and leaked onto a pen drive. In seven polling booths, TDP miscreants damaged EVMs, but not a single one was reported. It is learned that the officials acting under Chandrababu's watchful eye played a key role behind the leak of only the video in which MLA Pinnelli is said to be present. So, what will the EC say about this?

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