AP SSC Exam 2021: Andhra Pradesh 10th Class Examination Model Changes

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The Department of Education is a key decision-maker on the AP SSC exams.

Conducting examinations with a new model.

The school education department has issued orders to this effect.

Andhra Pradesh: Alert for students who are going to write the tenth class exams in AP. The Department of Education has made a key decision in the wake of the late start of the academic year due to Corona. It is known that the tenth class public examinations have been reduced to 7 papers instead of 11 papers.

AP SSC Time Table for 2021 includes First Language, Second Language, English, and Mathematics, Social Studies papers which will be conducted separately for 100 marks, and Physical Science and Biology papers for 50 marks respectively.

Until the last academic year, public examinations were conducted for 80 marks in each subject in a comprehensive continuous evaluation process and the remaining 20 marks were taken from the internal marks and combined. However, this year (March 2021) this system has been abolished for examinations. Public examinations will be conducted for 100 marks in full. To that extent, the school education department on Thursday released Jivo making minor changes to the questionnaire format.

According to the latest orders, the tenth class question papers will ask Objective questions; very short answer questions, short answer questions, and essay type questions. Students are given 2.30 hours to write answers to these questions. The orders stated that they would be given an additional 15 minutes to read the questionnaire.

The examination format with the model change is as follows:

•             Objective Questions-12 (Marks-12, Time-18 minutes)

•             Shortest Answer Questions-8 (Marks-16, Time-24 minutes)

•             Short Answer Questions-8 (Marks-32, Time-48 minutes)

•             Essay Questions-5 (Marks-40, Time-60 minutes)

However, it is known that the exams will be held in AP from June 7th to 16th. To this end, the Department of Education has already released the schedule. Also, the Inter examinations will be held from May 5th to 23rd. The new academic year in AP is set to begin on July 21st.

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