That's Difference Between AP CM Jagan and Telangana CM KCR

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Public perception and media sentiment in the Telugu states suggest that Telangana CM KCR may or may not fulfill his promises, while Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan is seen as someone who keeps his word. This sentiment is rooted in various instances and issues, and the latest comparison between the two CMs highlights this perception.

In a recent development, working journalists in Andhra Pradesh expressed their joy as the cabinet, led by CM Jagan, passed a resolution to provide house sites for them. This move garnered praise from various journalist unions and individuals working in newspapers and TV channels.

In contrast, Telangana CM KCR, who has been in power for two terms, failed to fulfill similar promises he made on multiple occasions. During the previous general election campaign, Minister KTR had assured journalists during a 'Meet The Press' event, but no progress was made despite their electoral victory. Now, as the elections approach once again, the Telangana government has revisited the issue of providing house sites for journalists, all while the election code is in effect.

Many working journalists in Telangana are expressing their disappointment, with some even losing hope. Meanwhile, their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh are praising CM YS Jagan for swiftly delivering on his promise of providing house sites. "This disparity between CM Jagan and CM KCR is evident," commented a few prominent journalists."

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