At Amroha rally, PM Modi sends out ‘meaningful’ message for Muslims and Hindus

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New Delhi, April 19 (IANS) Amid the first phase of polling on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Amroha rally succeeded in driving home the message that the Congress has historically engaged in policies and practices aimed at appeasing minority communities, particularly Muslims, at the expense of Hindu interests.

In this context, during the speech, he cited Congress’ decision to decline the invitation to attend the consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir.

His remarks serve to reinforce the BJP's narrative of being a champion of Hindu interests and traditions while putting the Congress on the defensive, especially among Hindu voters.

In the larger context, PM Modi, on the one hand, highlighted Congress’ ‘appeasement-centric approach’ to religious and social issues while on the other, he portrayed that the BJP continues to prioritise their concerns and protect the interests of the Hindu community.

Analysts believe that PM Modi’s speech at the Amroha rally may help ‘consolidate Hindu support for the BJP even all the more’. This messaging assumes significance, particularly in the context of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

While hauling the Congress-SP over the coals for appeasement politics, PM Modi in a subtle way sought to reach out to Muslims as well, citing cricketer Mohammad Shami and linking the fast bowler with Amroha’s pride.

The PM said that Amroha’s dholak had got the GI tag and Shami played ‘desh ka danka’ (performed exceptionally well in the World Cup).

Political observers see it as PM Modi’s strategic move aimed at portraying the BJP as a party that represents all sections of society, including minorities like Muslims.

In other words, by highlighting Shami, who is a prominent Muslim figure in India, PM Modi apparently attempted to showcase instances of Muslim achievement and integration within Indian society.

This gesture serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps to counter the perception that the BJP solely caters to the interests of the Hindu majority. By acknowledging and praising the achievements of a Muslim individual, PM Modi sought to present a more inclusive image of the party.

Secondly, by specifically mentioning Mohammad Shami, PM Modi is likely aiming to resonate with cricket enthusiasts and a broader audience at a time when IPL fervour has gripped the nation coinciding with the general elections. This could potentially help in broadening the appeal of the BJP beyond its traditional support base.

At the same time, PM Modi is aware that political gestures alone may not be sufficient to address the concerns of minority communities.

While symbolic gestures like citing Mohammad Shami may have a positive impact on public perception, substantive efforts to address the socio-economic concerns of minority communities remain crucial for fostering genuine inclusivity and harmony in Indian society.

In a bid to address these concerns, PM Modi made it a point to underline the schemes that are included in the BJP’s ‘Sankalp Patra’ which was released recently.

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