Adah Sharma didn't drink water for 40 hours, shot in minus 16 degrees

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Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) 'The Kerala Story' actress Adah Sharma prepared in extreme conditions and did not even take a sip of water for 40 hours during the film's shoot.

Adah took to her social media to share some shocking pictures from the shoot of the 'The Kerala Story'.

She captioned the image: "Sunkissed, After and Before from #TheKeralaStory

Secret to chapped cracked lips like these ... dehydrate for 40 hours in minus 16 degrees #sunkissedmakeup #adahsharma @makeupbyshyam P.S. the mattress was kept to practice the fall ... but we didn't use it #bruisedknees and chila hua elbows but ufff all so worth it the last pic is a handful of coconut oil in the hair, safety pins and tight plaits."

Adah said: "As an actor it is a pleasure to do stuff that will push me mentally and physically. I wanted to look as convincing as I could. I'm a big foodie and I usually drink five litres of water a day so it was difficult. But if you put your mind to it anything is possible."

A source said: "Adah wanted to look convincing so for the portions in Afghanistan where she runs away from the terrorist camp, to stay in character, she didn't drink water."

"We shot in difficult conditions in -16 degrees and very very low oxygen. The unit members were calling sick but Adah managed well even without food and water."

Adah has finished filming for 'Commando', 'The Game Of Girgit' and 'Tibba'.

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