COVID-19: India Records 20,000 New Cases In One Week

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NEW DELHI: The number of coronavirus cases recorded in India surpassed the 60,000 mark. There are now 62,915 coronavirus positive cases in the country and the death toll due to COVID-19 topped 2,000 mark.

In a span of one week, 20,000 cases were reported in the country. India had 40,000 cases on May 3 with Maharashtra continuing to report more cases which continues to be one of the worst-hit states with coronavirus pandemic. The state witnessed 48 deaths on Saturday accounted for 42% of all fatalities reported on Saturday.

The total number of coronavirus positive cases crossed the 20,000 mark. With new 1,165 cases, the total COVID-19 cases stand at 20,228. The number of people who died due to coronavirus cases is 779.

However on Saturday, there was no big spike in the number of cases and the growth rate of cases decreased. Earlier it was 7.1% but now it is 6.8%.

On Saturday, 224 new COVID-19 cases have been registered in Delhi taking the total tally to 8630. The government of Delhi asked the COVID-19 testing labs to give out results within 24 hours.

The number of coronavirus positive cases in Gujarat is 7,797 and the death toll was at 472. Around 394 new cases have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours. Ahmedabad alone has recorded 280 new cases and 20 more deaths reported on Saturday.

In Tamil Nadu, four women died and 526 new cases reported and now the total cases stand at 6,535. 44 people died due to COVID-19 in the state.

Andhra Pradesh recorded 43 new cases, taking the total to 1,930.

Telangana also witnessed a spike in coronavirus cases which recorded 31 new cases taking the total number of COVID patients to 1,163 and 29 people died due to coronavirus.

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