Movie Review: Ninnu Kori

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Title: Ninnu Kori

Genre: Romantic Drama

Cast: Nani, Aadi Pinisetti, Nivetha Thomas, Murali Sharma, Pruthvi

Music: Gopi Sunder

Direction: Siva Nirvana

Producer: DVV Danayya

Hero Nani, is on a roll with a string of successes under his belt. How will his latest film do? This question is uppermost in the minds of the film industry watchers. Will this film help Nani better his records? Will debutant director Siva Nirvana show promise? The film, released on Friday, has answers to all these queries.


Uma Maheswara Rao (Nani) is an orphan who manages to complete his post graduation. He falls in love with Pallavi (Nivetha). However, her father (Murali Sharma) tells him that he wouldn't like to marry off his daughter to someone who is still not on his own. So, Uma goes to Delhi to do PhD.

Meanwhile, Pallavi marries Arun (Aadi) who is chosen by her father. The couple goes and settles in the US. But, before one writes 'They lived happily ever after,' Uma re-enters their life. What happens next? This is the storyline.


Nani shows why he is a natural star. He carries his role with aplomb and excels both in romantic scenes as well as tear-jerkers. He is both the hero and the villain of the film. Aadi does well. He has fewer dialogues and lot of emotions to show. His action in the climax is exceptional. Nivetha shows the transition from a naughty girl to a responsible wife.


Debutant director Siva Nirvana does a very good job. The way he spun the story, wove emotions is very good. He succeeds in making the audience sit through three hours. Kona Venkat's scripting is very good. Cinematography, music and other technicals are very good.


Another feather in Nani's cap.

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