Movie Review: Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha

The actors could make amateurs in an annual school play proud - Sakshi Post

Sometimes directors surprise you with shocker films - films the fate of which are decided at the editing table itself. ''Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha'' is one such. Perhaps the film has suffered enough at the editing table and that explains its short length. Even within the less than two-hour duration, it fails to create any interest or curiosity. The audience already seem to have guessed right. The poor response in spite of the wonderful music the film has shows that the expectation levels are very low and the filmmaker sure lives up to that!!

To begin with, the storyline makes no sense. We have an ongoing romance between Sunny (Upen Patel) and Natasha (Natasha Patel) disturbed at the drop of a hat by intruder Devdhar (Shiv Darshan). There is a tangential reference to some ghost that is loitering with unfulfilled love of an earlier time. The haunt halfway down turns to be a scheme. Worried Dad and house-keeper look helplessly as Natasha first falls for the ghost and then falls a prey to the designs of the unknown killer. In the midst of this in the wonderfully canned backdrop of England, we have Nadeem sending his musical melodies from there. The melody notwithstanding, they are intrusions and do not help the story move. Even the grapes on the dining table look lazy.

The actors could make amateurs in an annual school play proud. They walk and deliver dialogues with dead pan expression and move on to the next. You must be a Deewana or a Diwani to be liking this film.

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