Most Telangana Leaders Forget, But KTR Remembers To Tweet On 8th Anniversary Of KCR’s Fast

File photo of KCR during his historic fast  - Sakshi Post

He may be busy with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and may even be moderating a key panel discussion in an international outing attended by people from over 150 nations. But, KTR did not forget the importance of November 29 for the people of Telangana.

Though most Telangana leaders may have forgotten that eight years ago on this very date, KCR had launched his ''fast unto death'' to achieve Telangana state. This was the turning point in the long struggle for Telangana state.

Recalling this, KTR has tweeted: People of Telangana rallied and proved again to the world that “Power of people is greater than the people in power”

Here's KTR's tweet:

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