Film Review: Behen Hogi Teri

This Rajkumar Rao outing showcases how brilliance can sneak out of even an ordinary role and a poor script. - Sakshi Post

2014 saw the release of City Lights – a tight scripted serious film showcasing the brilliance of Rajkumar Rao. Aided and abetted by a wonderful script and a powerful narrative, he ensured he got the laurels. This time round, he works on a frivolous storyline told with no seriousness and yet comes a winner and how!!.

The film not just belongs to him but makes for good viewing simply because of his presence and his amazing yet simple hassle-free performance. Not often are actors in this part of the world noticed for roles that do not have punch or high voltage. Often here where roles are mistaken for performances. This Rajkumar Rao outing showcases how brilliance can sneak out of even an ordinary role and a poor script. The film is good-see for the connoisseur who loves to watch a film for a brilliant or compelling performance. In the past Rishi Kapoor had this unique talent of outgrowing the shortcomings of a script and leaving an impact even in very ordinary films (Yeh Wada Raha, Bade Dil Wale etc.) In these times you have this great actor defy the regular and leave a lasting impact.

The film ridicules a social practice of defining any unacceptable romance as a sibling relationship. The scorn and scoff of the brother-sister relationship by reducing the “Raksha bhandhan’ to ensure a non-romantic relationship between a guy and a gal is the central theme for the film. We have Gattu (RK Rao) in love with neighbour Binny (Shruthi Hassan- a disappointing synthetic performance) . However, her brother Jaidev(Ninand Kamat) has better plans for sibling and has an NRI Rahul (Gautam Gulati) as a suitor. Ironically, supporting him in the marriage plans are Gattu’s parents ( Darshan Jariwalla - good as usual - and Natash Rastogi - wonderful outing) .

To ensure that the lovers go unnoticed, the focus shifts on neighbour Bhure (HerryTangri- the actor who played Yuvraj in Dhoni). The rumour has it that Binny is in love with Bhure. Jaidev begins to delegate to Gattu acts to ensure that Binny and Bhure do not go ahead in their alleged romantic relationship. This suits the young lovers, only till a misunderstanding creeps in between them.

How finally the lovers in a not very serious or overtly dramatic script make it constitutes rest of the film. While most in the cast try hard to balance the shortcomings of the script, the film stands out as a special Raj Kumar Rao film. If you are his fan, do not miss the film. If you are not, see it, you sure will become one. This great actor deserves all the encouragement for the good of our cinema. Watch the film for just that if nothing else.

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