'Defecting MLAs are worse than beggars': Raghuveera Reddy

'Defecting MLAs are worse than beggars': Raghuveera Reddy - Sakshi Post

Madakasiri (Anantapur): The Andhra Pradesh PCC chief N. Raghuveera Reddy said that the defecting MLAs are worse than beggars and opined that they should be boycotted socially. He was addressing the media at Madakasiri of Anantapur district on Wednesday.

"By leaving the parties from which they were elected, the MLAs are humiliating those who voted for them", he said. He alleged that Chandrababu was spending 500 to 600 crore rupees to buy out MLAs from the main opposition party so as to deprive the YSRCP of even the single seat they are to secure in Rajya Sabha.

Raghuveera also alleged that Chandrababu is on a campaign to collect MLAs from the lone opposition in the Andhra Pradesh assembly, so there will be none to question his misdeeds and corrupt practices, and added that Anti-Defection Law must be amended to make resignation compulsory for the defecting MLAs .

The PCC chief said that the defecting MLAs are putting aside political ethics and jumping parties for personal gains such as getting cases against them thrown out, for the sake of ministerial positions and greed. He gave a clarion call for a people's protest against defections.

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