Mother, Boyfriend Kill Daughter To Hide Her Illicit Affair

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Chennai: A Kerala mother along with her boyfriend were arrested by the police on Saturday, for allegedly killing her daughter as she had objected to her mother's illicit affair.

Manjusha (34) was widow who hailed from Thekkunkarai area near Nedumangadu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She was living alone and her only daughter Mira (16) was pursuing 11th grade at a school in the same area and was staying with her grandmother Valsala, in a nearby area.

Manjusha had met a youth named Anish who was living in the same locality, this led to an affair between them. Since her daughter stayed with her grandmother, she there was no one to disturb and she continued her affair unabated.

Two weeks ago, Mira suddenly came home to visit her mother and she was shocked to see her mother with Anish in a compromising position. She objected to her mother's affair and this led to arguments between them.

Upset that her daughter was coming in her way, Manjusha decided to get rid of her. When Mira came to her house both Manjusha and Anish pounced on her and strangled her to death. They dumped her body in a disused well nearby.

She went and filed a police complaint stating that Mira had run away with her boyfriend and told the same to her mother Valsala. Worried that her granddaughter had not returned even after 10 days, Valsala filed a missing complaint with Nedumangaadu police. At the same time, Anish and Manjusha both went missing. They both took up a house in NagarKovil in Chennai and started living in together. They also changed their phone numbers, but based on the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of their phones, the police traced their whereabouts.

They caught them and brought them back to Kerala. Upon questioning, they said that Mira had committed suicide and out of fear of police questioning them, they dumped her body in the well. But when the body was sent for post mortem, it was reported that she was strangled and murdered.

Based on the post mortem report and further questioning, they admitted that they had killed her, as she was a hindrance to their affair. Nedumangaadu police arrested both Manjusha and Anisha and took them into custody.

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