Kohli Asks Fan To Leave Country For Branding Him Overrated Cricketer  

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Virat Kohli got himself into a pickle after he responded to a comment posted on his playing style on social media. He said if you like other country players, you can leave India. This video of him reacting to a personal comment has gone viral on social media and also invited a lot of backlash.

The video begins with Kohli reading the comment against him by a cricket fan, which is : “Overrated batsman. I have seen nothing special in his batting. I enjoy watching English and Australian batsmen more than this Indian.”

Kohli responds “Okay. I don’t think that you should live in India then. You should go live somewhere else, then. Why are you living in our country and loving other countries? I don’t mind you not liking me but I don’t think you should live in our country and liking other things. Get your priorities right,”

A tiny smile is seen, after the above stated lines. But what he wrote hasn't gone down well with netizens who didn't find it funny enough to ignore. This is not for the first time this Indian player has got himself into something like this. There have been instances of him losing temper and going bonkers over comments. Kohli’s responses have earlier irked people which range from political affiliations to audience reactions.

One twitter user shot a perfect reply to the player

“@Kohli go to South Africa @imvkohli :-)” tweeted @navendusingh_ . . There is a reason behind the fan writing him to go to South Africa. This is best explained in the video attached to the tweet.

Virat Kohli’s first ever match which made him popular was the U-19 World Cup that he captained.  This is a video by the broadcaster where Kohli said his name, his batting or bowling style and mentions his favorite player.

In this clip, Kohli said, “My favourite batsman is Herschelle Gibbs.” Gibbs was a dashing batsman and opener batsman of South Africa. The fan gave Kohli a taste of his own medicine and told him to go to South Africa in his tweet.

Other instance where this behavior from the Indian captain was seen in 2013, this time it was a controversial run out appeal by Kohli during that IPL season. Kohli had taken Ambati Rayudu’s wicket , but batsman Rayudu then had grounded his bat and had to lift it , when Kholi was stumping the wicket, because Rayudu had collided with the bowler. The audience made huge din against the player that day. Kholi who was left in shock with audience reaction said “I don’t know why they get so worked up during IPL” and also said that the Mumbai fans should recognize the fact that he plays for India.

Same kind of incidents happened with him on the field with another reputed player Gautham Gambhir and umpires. In 2013, his then IPL coach, Ray Jennings had spoken about him and said “I think Virat understands that he does have a hot head and I think he also understands that he needs to look at that. He is young enough to accept those issues and I think we have got to give him time to rectify that …. Virat’s not a stupid cricketer, he is a smart guy and he has a vision to captain India. And if he knows people at home are not accepting certain things that he does consistently and he makes the same mistake consistently, he will find out that the system is not going to buy into his behavior or character. You can go back and have a look at captains in Australia, even in India, that if the behavior is not acceptable to the market, you are not going to have the full Indian public support that type of character. And if Virat wants the job, he has got to accept that and he has got to learn to change and maybe go through certain programmes.”

In an Australian tour Virat Kholi openly showed his middle finger to the crowd, this behavior of his was disliked by senior batsmen Virender Sehwag, Kholi then might not know what it takes to be suspended from the team. In a recent interview , Kohli remebered that incident and said it was wrong to reacting in such a manner. His first lines after the act to the referee were ‘please don’t ban me’.

Reacting in the instant in the field is one thing, but reacting in such a manner sitting in his comfort zone, while he is shooting for a video has caused an uproar in the fans and tweetarati.

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