Cash for Votes: Babu tries to inflame AP vs T passions

Cash for Votes: Babu tries to inflame AP vs T passions - Sakshi Post

AP CM's Maha Sankalp rally on Monday betrayed Chandrababu Naidu's worries post the release of audio and video evidences in Cash for Vote scam.

He sought to deflect growing clamour for his resignation in view of his telephonic conversation with TRS MLA Stephenson, by seeking to inflame regional passions and furthering AP-Telangana divide. 

Betraying nervousness, Chandrababu Naidu invoked NTR and his legacy. Unlike his earlier criticism of BJP and Narendra Modi over paltry allocations to AP, this time around, he praised Modi to skies and lauded the success of his Bangladesh tour. He had also said that the BJP government has given enough allocations to the state. 

During the course of his speech, he questioned KCR's authority to tap his phones, but stopped short of saying that there were no horse-trading. He said the tapes were fabricated. He sought to turn the tables by saying that KCR too had poached from his flock. 

He slipped into rhetoric saying he was not a servant of KCR and that he too has his cops and the ACB. He sought to claim that the release of audio tapes was an insult to five crore Andhras.

KCR RETORTS: However, at Damaracharla in Nalgonda, KCR said that the TRS would not sit silent if the neighbouring CM tries to poach into TRS MLAs. He said Hyderabad was not a fiefdom of Chandrababu anymore as it was now ruled by self-respecting Telanganite. He said Chandrababu and his ilk were thoroughly exposed and were caught red-handed while trying to buy his MLAs.


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