Aspiring Politician Kamal Haasan Touches Upon Hindu Terror Groups in His Column

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Actor Kamal Haasan, who has been hinting at entering politics, has hit out at what he calls Hindu extremism, claiming that right-wing groups have taken to violence because their earlier "strategy" has stopped working.

Haasan took no names in his column in the latest issue of Tamil weekly 'Ananda Vikatan' when he alleged that right-wing outfits had "changed course".

"Earlier such Hindu right-wingers, without indulging in violence against those belonging to other religions, made the latter indulge in violence through their arguments and counter arguments," he said.

However, since "this old conspiracy" had begun to fail, the groups were indulging in violence, he wrote.

"Extremism is in no way a (mark of) success or growth for those who call themselves Hindus," wrote the Tamil film icon.

Haasan, who met Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan recently, also answered a question posed by the Marxist leader, who asked what the actor felt about "Hindutva forces weakening Dravidian culture through slow intrusion".

" recent times...we could see that racial discrimination and reactionism have been trying to gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu," Vijayan said.

The actor replied, "The fading of the belief that truth will triumph and ... strength will succeed will make us all barbarians".

Sounding philosophical at one point, Haasan said "change is unchangeable". "The day is not far when Tamil Nadu will again be a model for social reformation," he said, adding, "Kerala is such a model and my greetings (to you) for that".

In an earlier column in the weekly, Haasan said he would come out with a "communication strategy" next week, triggering speculation that he would announce his entry into politics.

The column was titled, "Be prepared... will tell all on November 7", which is Haasan's birthday.


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