Kalki Controversy: What’s The Truth?

Rajasekhar starrer Kalkin all set to release on June 28  - Sakshi Post

Angry Star' Rajasekhar stars as an investigative officer in 'Kalki', which is presented by Shivani and Shivathmika. Dynamic Producer C Kalyan is prestigiously producing the action entertainer on Happy Movies. 'AWE' fame Prasanth Varma, the critically-acclaimed filmmaker, is wielding the megaphone for this promising investigative thriller. The film will hit the screens worldwide on June 28 in a grand way.

A writer named Karthikeya (alias Prasad) has approached the Telugu Cine Writers' Association, claiming that the film's story is his. In this regard, 'Katha Hakkula Vedhika' convenor BVS Ravi has reacted on the complaint.

BVS Ravi said, "About one and half years ago, we had set up a 'Katha Hakkula Vedhika'.

The Vedhika's main aim is to address the issues faced by those who are members of the directors' association but not the writers' association. We have been resolving differences between individuals in an amicable manner without the outside world getting to know. The disputes have been resolved to the satisfaction of both sides in all instances. Many come to us with complaints after watching the trailer of movies. They say that the film's story is theirs. We then go through the story submitted by such individuals and compare the story of the film under consideration. If there are any similarities, we bring them out in the open. We follow the standards set by the Copyright Act rules envisioned by Bollywood writer Javed Akhtar. These don't have statutory backing. Our main focus is to resolve disputes.

At times, we advise the parties to seek court's intervention. After going through the scripts of Karthikeya and 'Kalki', we have concluded that there are no primary similarities whatsoever. We are making this clear to the world only because Karthikeya has previously made his point in front of the media. Further discussions will be made if any need arises. As of now, we see no similarities between the two scripts. In cases where there are similarities, the original writer will be given credit and also paid remuneration. In other cases, we just tell the complainant that there are no similarities. We don't make a fuss as our Association doesn't like such behaviour. We take collective decisions with our leader N Shankar garu and secretary Ram Prasad garu."

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