Supriya Made Convenor Of Tollywood JAC

Supriya Yarlagadda - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: After casting couch and sexual exploitation issues rocked the Telugu film industry, the bigwigs of Tollywood along with members of 24 crafts associated with the industry assembled at Annapurna Studios here today and have formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC). Supriya Yarlagadda, executive director of Annapurna Studios named as the convenor for the committe, which will comprise of members from all the departments assoicated with filmmaking.

Along with Supriya, director Nandini Reddy and Swapna Dutt appointed as the members of the JAC, which will have in total 21 members. The industry will also soon establish Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH). The CASH will also have 21 members and over 50 per cent of them will belong to outside the film industry. It is learnt that the people from women organisations, intellectuals and human rights organisations will be made part of CASH.

The meeting, which lasted for more than two hours in Annapurana Studios saw many film personalities raising their voice against Sri Reddy for her alleged commnets on casting couch and sexual exploitation of female actresses in Tollywood.

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