Punish the offenders: Modi at Kathua rally

Punish the offenders: Modi at Kathua rally - Sakshi Post

Kathua: Jammu and Kashmir: Projecting BJP as a fresh option in Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said Congress "sneaks" into every government that is formed in the state but attacks these dispensations just before elections.

Blaming Congress, NC and PDP for the problems in the state, he asked people to punish all "three offenders" in the Assembly polls.

Addressing a poll rally here, Modi had a dig at Congress saying the party "jumps" into every government that is formed in the state, be it led by PDP or NC, but withdraws from it just before the elections and starts attacking these dispensations.

"If you punish them once, they will realise their mistakes. Has BJP ever formed the government in Jammu and Kashmir? Did we ever commit any mistake? Don't you know who are the first, second and third offenders," he asked the people who cheered back in response.

Maintaining that the people of the state knew who the "three offenders" were, Modi said they would not mend their ways unless they were punished by the voters.

"Congress sneaks into the government whenever one is formed and gets away with all the benefits. Then they say that they are against this government and that the government has done all wrong.

"Whether PDP comes or NC to power, they join hands with them and come out of the government whenever elections near."

Attacking the National Conference and PDP for "dynastic politics and nepotism", the Prime Minister asked the people:

"Are there no more sons and daughters in J and K? Will only one father-son and father-daughter run the governments here? Do you have to always remain in their tangle?"

"Don't look at those father-son, father-daughter duos. Look at your own sons and daughters. Herein lies your benefit."

Holding that dynastic politics and nepotism can never be the voice of democracy, Modi also compared the politics of Congress, NC and PDP with BJP, saying "see the power of BJP's democracy that a tea-seller became the Prime Minister."

The Prime Minister said the entire world was now accepting India's status as a powerful nation.

"Is the entire world now talking about India? It is not an easy thing that within six months, the entire world accepts the power of our country. This is not happening due to Modi. This is happening due to you," he said.

The Prime Minister has gone on a blitzkrieg campaign in the Valley where the BJP is making a serious bid to come to power in the Muslim-dominated state for the first time since independence.

The party plans to accomplish its 'Mission 44' in the 87-member Assembly. Out of the 87 seats in the state, 59 have a majority of Muslim voters.


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