Yoga helps Sangita Ghosh stay calm & focused on sets amid taxing studio schedule

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Mumbai, June 20 (IANS) On the eve of International Day of Yoga (June 21), actress Sangita Ghosh shared how yoga helps her stay focused and calm on the sets as shooting for more than 12 hours a day can be exhausting.

Sangita, who is currently playing Saroj in the show 'Saajha Sindoor', said in a statement, "Yoga is incredibly important for someone with a hectic schedule like mine. Shooting for 12-plus hours a day can be exhausting, so staying healthy and fit is crucial. Yoga helps me stay focused and calm, which is essential when I'm on the sets."

Yoga also helps Sangita keep her body flexible and strong, reducing the risk of being worn out, both physically and mentally.

"Just a few minutes of yoga every day helps me recharge and maintain my energy levels. It also improves my sleep, as I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another long day at work. Yoga supports my mental well-being as well, helping me manage stress and stay positive. For me, yoga is like a lifeline that keeps me grounded and centred amid the chaos of a busy acting career," said Sangita, who is known for her work in the television show 'Viraasat'.

Speaking about her favourite yoga posture, the 'Doli Saja Ke' actress said: "My favourite yoga pose, like Surya Namaskar, is a complete workout for me. It stretches and strengthens my entire body, from head to toe. It's like a full-body refresh, combining flexibility, strength, and mindfulness in one flow."

Encouraging people to embrace yoga for a better life, Sangita added: "Everyone should practice yoga because it offers so many benefits for both the body and mind. It isn't about being perfect but about progress and feeling good inside and out.

"It's a practice that adapts to your needs and abilities, making it accessible to everyone. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth, offering a path to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle."

'Saajha Sindoor' starring Sangita, Stuti Vinkle, Sahil Uppal, Neelu Vaghela, and Krutika Desai airs on Sun Neo.

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