Meet Star Maa's Favourite Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5, No it's Not Shannu

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is the talk of the town, thanks to the twists and turns implemented by Star Maa week after week, the TRPs are only soaring. 

After weeks of loneliness, Bigg Boss contestants finally got to meet their family members in the reunion episode. There were emotional scenes inside when the contestants met their loved ones after a long time. 

Now, there are only a handful contestants left in the house. Just two weeks to go for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Viewers can't wait to know who will reach the finals and who will ultimately walk away with the winner's trophy. 

Every season there are favourites. There will be a few contestants who become popular among Housemates, a few who earn the love of viewers and a few others who manage to make that first impression so as to escape eviction and stay in the house for long. 

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In Bigg Boss Telugu 5, there are two contestants who are always being talked about. One is Youtuber Shanmukh Jaswanth aka Shannu and another is RJ Kajal. We all know that both these contestants have managed to survive despite being nominated several times. Viewers have even trolled Star Maa saying they are deliberately saving these two contestants. 

Now, there is a general feeling that Bigg Boss makers were saving Shannu for TRPs as he is not only a known fact among the audience but also providing some content to the veiwers. On the other hand, RJ kajal, viewers feel has not done anything Extraordinary so far. Perhaps, she impressed the makers in the first few episodes itself or she is one of the most popular contestants in the house right now. 

Bigg Boss veiwers go by performance, but for the makers its the popularity of the contestant as also content for TRPs. Last night, there was a battle between Kajal and Ravi before Elimination. RJ Kajal was fortunate enough to get saved again, thanks to VJ Sunny's eviction free pass. 

Now, this was not anything unexpected. Contrary to the belief that Anchor Ravi's Eviction was shocking, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers had predicted that VJ Sunny would save the eviction free pass to use it for RJ Kajal. And that's exactly what happened. It is known that netizens closely follow every move of contestants and makers, which they have been doing for all these weeks. So when VJ Sunny won an eviction free pass, they knew that he would use it to save Kajal. 

However, we do now know if this was part of the Bigg Boss Makers' game plan or Sunny truly wanted to save her on an impulse. It any case, it now appears that not Shanmukh Jaswanth but RJ Kajal is Star Maa's favourite contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

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