Deepthi Sunaina Apologises To Bigg Boss Contestants, Viewers

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Bigg Boss former contestant Deepthi Sunaina has become the talk of the town ever since she made a guest appearance in Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

She visited the Bigg Boss house to motivate her boyfriend, Shanmukh Jaswanth. The two have been in a relationship for a long time now. After a long time, Deepthi Sunaina had a chance to meet and speak to Shanmukh. It is known that she watches the show every day to follow all the developments in the house. In the excitement of meeting Shannu after such a long time, Deepthi forgot all about other contestants in the house when she was there. 

I'm leaving Deepthi Sunaina's happiness on seeing Shanmukh after a long time to your imagination. She looked visibly elated to finally see him after all these days in Sunday's episode. 

Now, two days after the episode was shot, Deepthi Sunaina has apologised to her fans and followers that she wasn't able to talk to any other contestant as there was not much time. She also explained that she was in a state of trance when she met Shannu and hence forgot about everything else the moment she saw him. 
As she was the last guess in Sunday's episode, there was pressure from the team that's why I couldn't talk to anyone, asking everyone to forgive her for not sparing time for others. Here's the note Deepthi posted for you which she shared on her Insta story. 

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