BBK8 Viewers Call Chakravarthy Chandrachud A Cunning Fox

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Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has become the talk of the town on social media. The second innings of the Kannada TV reality show has been receiving a lot of flak on social media. 

Looks like netizens are fed up with Chakravarthy Chandrachud's behavior in the house. A section of the audience is calling Chakravarthy Chandrachud a liar and cunning fox in the house. He was seen bullying Prashanth Sambargi during the tasks and also back-biting to Prashanth about other contestants. 

It is known that Chakravarthi has no hold over his tongue and often loses his temper at the drop of a hat which has irked not just the viewers, but also contestants inside the house. 

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It is known that Chakravarthy Chandrachud was a close friend of Prashanth in the house. Bigg Boss viewers are disappointed the way Chakravarthy Chandrachud is bringing down his own friend in the game. They are trolling Chakravarthy heavily on social media. 

Netizens are urging host Sudeep and Colors Kannada to serve justice to Prashanth, as he is playing a fair game. They are also suggesting Sudeep to show all the videos of Chakravarthy to the housemates, as he's talking about the contestants behind their back by being good to them. Here are a few tweets we managed to collect for you:

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