Sri Reddy's Sensational Comments On Temple Attacks

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Controversial actress Sri Reddy is back with another set of comments... and this time she gives her two cents about the attacks on the temple in Andhra Pradesh. Often trolled for speaking her mind, some of her comments are interspersed in between her saucy posts, where she also shares videos of her speaking on certain burning issues.

In a video released on her social media page recently, Sri Reddy said that there was a huge conspiracy behind the temple attacks and this was only to target the AP government. She said that this was only cheap politics played by a section of leaders. "Why destroy idols and burn chariots for your leaders, '' she asked, taking the names of political leaders including Chandrababu, Lokesh. If you turn mad then take an injection and just die, but don't kill us,'' she said in the video.

''I am not here to talk politics but only to save Hinduism. I stripped for a cause ( Me Too movement) but  I was harassed. Hindu dharma talks about respecting women, but no one follows that. I clarified about what I spoke about Pawan Kalyan and his mother, but still I was abused and targeted. I pray that they get some sense at least now and start respecting women,'' she said in reference to Pawan Kalyan fans. Those who follow dharma will always get justice, she said.

Talking about the attacks in the temple, Sri Reddy said that it is nothing but a political drama and a last resort to raise issues in the State by using religion. This is just to destroy one political leader she said and went off on a tirade scolding leaders for creating ruckus in politics. 

The BJP and Jana Sena Party had announced the Ramateertham Dharma Yatra protesting against the vandalisation at Ramatheertham temple.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ordered a probe by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of police into the incidents of alleged vandalization of temples and desecration of idols of various deities. He has asked the police authorities not to spare anybody found guilty.

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