Bigg Boss Evicted Contestant Monal Gajjar Fitting Reply To Haters

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Any Bigg Boss reality show is a big platform for celebrities. There are a few celebrities who got popular amongst the audience with the show and some of them receive a lot of backlash on social media for their behaviour in the house. Sometimes, it ruins their career. If you ask any ardent fan of Bigg Boss Telugu, Who is the most popular contestant so far in the current season. No doubt, many of them would say ‘Monal’ name she became extremely popular with the reality show more than her movies. She didn’t get popular through her performance in the show but evicted contestants were stated that she is playing with Abhijeet and Akhil’s feelings.

The audience also have observed it how Monal used to be in the house. Netizens used to troll Monal now and then on social media. Some of them went on to say that Monal does skin show in the house that’s why makers have been protecting her to fetch impressive TRPs ratings. As we have already told you, Monal is giving back to back interviews to various portals. In one of his interviews, she gave a befitting reply and slammed netizens for trolling her badly. She cited the reasons why she wore a blue dress with a deep neck. She stated that ‘ After first-week elimination, whatever I did went wrong with the audience.

While coming to the fifth week, I was so sick unable to do my own things. People have trolled me for wearing a blue dress with a deep neck. I don’t know why they have trolled him so much but I was really sick. Some people commented on me that, I wore that dress to expose myself to the audience but really that’s not a fact. I got hurt with Abhijeet and Akhil’s behavior. I told Abhijeet I like you that weekend Nagarjuna’s asked Who’s ‘A’ Akhil or Abhijeet was his question.

That also went wrong with the audience. I was scared that my friendship with Abhijeet or Akhil will get screw up,  if I say anyone’s name that’s why I was silent. She gave a big clarity that ‘A’ is neither any of them. She told the audience to consider Apple's beauty. During the initial days, A used to Abijeet but now it’s all over. 

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