Abhijeet Vs Sohel: Who Will Win Bigg Boss Telugu 4?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has caught more eyeballs than expected. Thanks to the show content, host Nagarjuna who has managed to pull off the show with ease despite facing repeated criticisms from the audience and of course the contestants who kept the audience engaged with their antics, drama, humor and fights. Even as the show gears up for the final episode, the fan frenzy is at its peak. Followers of each contestant are going all out, coming up with innovative and creative ways to convince the audience to vote for their respective favorite idols.

Last night, family members of the contestants have shared their opinion based upon their performance inside the house. Who could be in top five finalists of this season? As you all know, Abhijeet and Sohel got more votes from family members of the contestants. 

Abhijeet who rose to fame with ‘Life Is Beautiful’ has managed to be in the headlines ever since the show was launched which made him one of the popular contestants of this season. Abhijeet has time and again proved himself to be one of the most loved as well as the talked about contestant of this season.

There are maximum chances for Abhijeet to lift the trophy as the audience have already predicted him the winner of this season. While coming to Sohel, he earned a massive fan following for his aggressive behavior and playing genuinely game without worrying what the audience would think about him.

 There are many fans of the show who want to see him lift the trophy.  He is one of the most promising contestants but he might end up as a runner-up of this season. With both of them having a huge craze among the audiences, there will be a big battle between the two. It would be interesting to watch who will finally grab their hands on the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 trophy.

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