Video: Security Guard Got Stuck in Lift for Over an Hour in Nizamabad

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Nizamabad: In a freak accident, a security guard got stuck in the lift of Kotagalli shopping complex on Wednesday. The incident occurred in Nizamabad and the security guard has been identified as Mahender Goud who is working for the nearby HDFC bank.

The security guard remained in life-threatening condition for over an hour as his upper body was stuck in the lift while his both legs remained outside. As the body was squeezed between the wall and the lift, Mahender had trouble breathing freely. The locals rushed to him when he started screaming for help. Fire brigade was also called to rescue him. He was later shifted to Nizamabad Government Hospital for treatment. 

As per the reports, Mahender used the lift while coming out of the washroom in the shopping complex. The lift suddenly started going up while he was stepping out of it. It is not clear if there was any technical issue in the lift or how the security guard got stuck in it. 

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