Telangana CM KCR Gives Clarity On Implementation Of Dalit Bandhu In State

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that the Dalit Bandhu scheme is going to be implemented in the state at any cost. He expressed anguish over the comments made by the opposition parties' leaders on Dalit Bandhu. He termed all those comments as baseless and said that he would implement Dalit Bandhu in the state.  He clarified that the Dalit Bandhu scheme has already been implemented in some areas and the officials are sketching the plans so as to implement the scheme in all other parts of the state.

KCR criticized that Bharatiya Janata Party leaders don't have knowledge of the laws and had no respect for SCs and STs. He questioned the centre that what has it done in the past seven years. He lashed out at a leader who called the law brought to prevent the rape of Dalits and tribals as a useless one.

KCR alleged that the central government had not done anything for the welfare of Dalits, tribals, BCs, farmers, and the unemployed. He said that the centre also failed to keep up the promises of giving Rs. 15 lakh to the people and two crore jobs. He criticised the saffron party and said that BJP has failed to fulfill the promises made during elections. KCR asserted that BJP tries to invoke Hindu sentiments for the votes. 

KCR stated that India's GDP is lower than that of smaller countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and today, India is facing a difficult situation due to BJP's ruling at the centre. He further stated that the BJP government has made debts worth Rs. 70-80 lakh crore.

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