How GHMC Ignored Union Minister Kishan Reddy?

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Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy was livid when the GHMC officials completely ignored his tour of the flood-affected regions in Hyderabad. On Thursday, when Kishan Reddy set out on a tour of the affected places, there was no GHMC official accompanying him. Only BJP leaders and activists were there with him.

An angry Kishan Redy had to call GHMC commissioner Lokesh Kumar over phone and express his displeasure at the ignoring of the protocol due to a Central Minister. It was only after this that the GHMC had sent some officials to join Kishan Reddy’s entourage. Mayor Bonthu Rammohan joined Kishan Reddy in one leg of his tour.The BJP took strong exception at the way in which the GHMC officials treated a Union Minister. “The protocol due to a Central Minister has not been followed and this is reprehensible,” said BJP Telangana official spokesperson Krishnasagar Rao.

Kishan Reddy said that the TRS government has totally ignored the clearing of Nalas and water ways in the GHMC area leading to the current catastrophe. He said the money allocated for clearing of the nalas has gone into the pockets of the contractors and the corrupt officials. Kishan Reddy also slammed GHMC commissioner Lokesh Kumar for totally neglecting the flood control activities.

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