Asifabad Roadside Food Vendor Performs Final Rites Of Abandoned COVID Bodies

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Nowadays, we get to many heart breaking stories od people succumbing to COVID Infection. On the other hand, we have come across several incidents which prove that humanity is not lost altogether. We have heard of people performing last rites of victims who not related to them in any way. This even after their own family members abandoning them over fear of contracting am infection. 

Many a times, bodies of COVID Victims  are left unattended by their family members to save their lives. 

More often than not ambulance drivers and crematorium staffers perform the last rites of those who have died due to COVID-19.

Now, we hear a story of the owner of a roadside fast food centre winning the hearts of people with his noble deed. He has set an example to others by helping people in need. 

As per details, Kalewar Rajendra Prasad, a native of Asifabad town runs a fast food centre at Gundi crossroads. He occasionally helps people by sponsoring wood and vehicles to shift the dead bodies to crematorium. He has shared his mobile number - 99661 23599 - on social media platforms and written that he is willing to perform the final rites of those who die due to coronavirus. To date, he has performed rituals of nine persons.
Rajendra Prasad speaking to an English daily, said that, "Helping the families who cannot conduct the rituals gives him utmost satisfaction." He thanked his friends and those who have helped him in doing this.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, the dead bodies of COVID-19 patients have been abandoned by some families. But, a few people are coming forward to handle the COVID-19 dead bodies.

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