Twitter India Adds Bigg Boss Emoji

Twitter India Adds Bigg Boss Emoji - Sakshi Post

New Bigg Boss emojis are now available on Twitter India.

New Delhi, India: On Wednesday, the microblogging network Twitter debuted a brand-new "Bigg Boss" emoji to honour and commemorate fans of the reality show.

The emoji, which is a half-and-half red and blue coloured chat icon with the words "Bigg Boss" in the centre, is a lively picture of the show's Twitter exchanges among viewers and admirers.

Tweeting with the hashtags #BiggBossTwitter, #BBTwitter, #BiggBoss, #BiggBossTelugu, #BiggBossMarathi, #BiggBossTamil, #BiggBossKannada, and #BiggBossMalayalam will activate it.

Speaking of the launch, Cheryl-Ann Couto, Partnerships Manager at Twitter India, said, "Each year, the #BiggBoss conversation is one of the biggest entertainment conversations on Twitter in India, across languages. People take to Twitter to live-tweet and discuss the show’s highlights and show support for their favourite contestants. The service has become a second-screen for fans of the show to continue engaging with it."

He further added, "While the Hindi edition of the show continues to be the biggest in terms of volume of conversation on Twitter, other language editions, especially BiggBoss Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi, are rapidly growing. We wanted to recognise and celebrate this vibrant, growing audience and conversation with a special custom emoji."

While the emoji is a vivid addition to the #BiggBoss conversation, fans may follow the concept on Twitter in a variety of ways. People may also follow the "Bigg Boss" topic on the service to remain up-to-date on what their fellow fans are talking about.

Topics use machine learning to provide subject-specific Tweets to people's timelines, making it simpler to keep up with the conversations they care about.

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