Searching These Topics on Google Will Land You in Jail

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You will be arrested and fined up to Rs ten lakhs if you search for these six things on Google.

Cybercrime: Google is a search engine that allows you to search for anything. Many people also use it to look for items that might get them into trouble. Google, on the other hand, is extremely concerned about security. The organisation has its security policy, which it adheres to religiously. Let us explain that the country from which Google operates follows its own set of rules. In this circumstance, you must exercise caution when conducting a Google search. It can affect you if you even seek these 6 items listed below by mistake.

Child Porn: The Indian government is quite severe on the subject of child pornography. If you looked for this topic on Google, you might face a sentence of 5 to 7 years in jail under Section 14 of the Posco Act 2012. You may have trouble seeing and sharing child porn on Google.

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Sharing A Victim's Identity And Photo: It is prohibited to disclose the photo or name of a molested or abused victim. The Supreme Court ruled that no photograph of such a woman may be published in print, electronic, or social media. You might face jail time if you do so.

Piracy Of Films: Under the Cinematography Act 1952, you can be imprisoned for a minimum of three years and fined Rs ten lakh if you engage in film piracy.

Abortion: Abortion is unlawful if you look up how to have an abortion on Google. You might face jail time if you do so.

Sharing A Private Photo Or Video: Sharing a Private Photo or Video without permission is a felony, not just for Google but for anybody. This might lead to your arrest.

Bomb-Making Process: If you look up how to manufacture a bomb on Google, you can end up in jail. The IP address of your PC or laptop is then sent immediately to security authorities.

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