Karnataka Politics: CM Yediyurappa Wants to Step Down?

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According to the sources, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa had a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. The CM is facing a lot of backlash and protest from ministers in his party. Owing to this and his ill health, Yediyurappa said that he will step down. He is ready to resign but only on one clause that his son VIjayendra is in the party and a good position.

But it is up to the BJP higher authority to accept the resignation. Only if they make a decision, the procedure will move forward. On coming July 26, the Karnataka CM will be completing two years in power. So if a replacement is to happen, then it will take place before or on that date.

The discussion regarding this took place with the Prime Minister. Yediyurappa not just met Modi but also had a meeting with Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, and JP Nadda.

During the chat between Amit Shah and Yediyurappa, the Home Minister told the Karnataka CM that he expects him to work more. Karnataka and the party in the state have a good future. They discussed the party’s future. We (Amit Shah and PM Modi) are there with you and know that you can do it. We must win the seats in Karnataka.

Although a lot was said regarding Yediyurappa meetings with the BJP High commands, the Karnataka CM refused to make any comments on the matter and did not speak on any claims. He did not accept the reports regarding a CM change in Karnataka and said that it was news to him as well.

Speaking about his meeting with the BJP leaders, he said that they discussed the state. They spoke on the plans and programs regarding Karnataka. As for the party discussions, it was concerning the 2023 general elections and not something else. He brushed aside all the rumors of a possible resignation from power.

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