Madhya Pradesh Ranks No.1 in Fully Vaccinating Prisoners

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The vaccine drive in India is going at a good enough pace. States are conducting various mass vaccination events to encourage more people. With this, it is also necessary that not the citizens outside but also the prisoners get vaccinated as soon as possible. Everyone in the country should receive two doses.

In vaccinating prisoners, Madhya Pradesh has topped the country. The state has completed two doses of inoculation of the prisoners. As of August 4, most of the prisoners have been vaccinated. If any came after that, then the numbers will soon be updated.

Union ministry of health and family welfare released the full report regarding the numbers. The numbers consisted of prisoners inoculated till August 4. The list only included those who received both doses. Madhya Pradesh was on top of the list. They vaccinated 2826 prisoners. It is the highest in the country.

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Followed by MP, we have Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Chhattisgarh. Other states have vaccinated the inmates with the first dose, but the second one isn’t complete yet. For instance, UP vaccinated 27,019 with the first dose but the number of prisoners done with the second dose is very less.

The states are speeding up the process, but since some vaccines require you to wait for at least 3 months between two doses, the states are now doing that. Plus, we still do not have enough doses to vaccinate everyone.

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