Bigg Boss Brought Divya Uruduga and Aravind KP Together

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Aravind KP and Divya U were the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. Outside of the Bigg Boss House, the two have gained not only fame but also a large fan base. Most of the BBK viewers watch the show only for Divya U and Aravind KP ever since the two got together after the Jodi task. Through their chemistry in the glasshouse, they won the hearts of millions of viewers. They are always trending on social media. 

After Aravind KP lost the Bigg Boss trophy, his fans trolled Colors Kannada Business head Parameshwar for playing an unfair game. In a recent interview, Parameshwar said that Manju Pavagada was declared the winner based on votes only. Adding, he said the channel did not do anything unfair to Aravind.

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Manju has won over Aravind by a 2 lakh vote difference. And he said fans should thank the channel for bringing Aravind KP to the show. The head also said that nobody knew about Aravind KP before Bigg Boss. The show brought Divya U and Aravind KP together. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below.

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