Why India's Covid Certificate Has PM Modi's Photo, Here's The Answer

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You must have noticed that the Covid19 vaccine certificate has Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photo on it, well that is there for a specific reason. There is a message, awareness that is intended behind that picture. The health Bharati Pravin Pawar wrote to Rajya Sabha recently and cleared the message behind the certificate.

The minister shared that this was done in accordance with the rules of the World Health Organization. Upon being questioned whether or not the certificate needs to have PM’s photo on it, Pawar said that it was made after all the discussion. This goes in accordance with WHO.

“Prime Minister Modi’s photograph along with his message in vaccination certificates reinforces the importance of creating awareness about following Covid-appropriate behaviour even after vaccination,” read the statement by MoS, Health, and Family Welfare, Bharati Pravin Pawar.

It further read, “Given the context of the pandemic, its evolving nature and the fact that following of Covid-appropriate behaviours has emerged as one of the most critical measures for preventing the spread of disease.”

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Even after getting vaccinated, everyone must follow Covid-appropriate behaviour. You can be two-dose vaccinated, but it is still necessary to follow at least the basic regulations and norms.

"The format of vaccination certificate, compliant with WHO norms for vaccination certificates, including the message and presentation about the importance of following Covid-appropriate behaviour even after vaccination, has been decided keeping all these factors in consideration,” added the reply.

All states and Union Territories are using Cowin application for Covid-19 vaccination and vaccination certificates are generated through Cowin in a standard format.

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